This guide applies to the following version: V1.0.1

Step-by-step guide

1. Check your Outgoing Email setup

Skip this step in case you're pretty sure that the e-mail setup is correct on JIRA. If you're receiving any other notification via email from JIRA, then just go to step 2.

In case your Outgoing Email is not enabled, you'll have to enable it in order to enable Issue Events Mailer to send e-mails.

To check the configuration, go to your system administration page:

Then, access the Outgoing Email configuration:

And finally, check if it's enabled and you have a configuration properly defined:

2. Define the target projects

Define the project or projects that you want to enable on Issue Events Mailer and note their keys.


In this example, we want to enable notifications just for the project "Test Project" whose key is "TP".

3. Review the workflow

Next step is to make sure that the workflow for the target project has the proper configuration to fire the Issue Events that we're interested in.

To do that, go to the project's administration page:

Edit the workflow:

Check the post-functions for each transition:

Set the "Fire event" post function properly:


Usually you'll change the "Generic event" to either "Issue Updated" or "Issue Resolved". These are the most common cases.

In case you don't have a "Fire event" post function already created, you can easily create one by clicking on the link at the top right corner of the post functions table named "Add post function".

In general, the common workflow setup will look like this:

This step is very important, otherwise Issue Updates and Issue Resolutions will not be notified.

4. Input your criteria on the Issue Events Mailer admin UI

Access the Issue Events Mailer admin UI:


Set your criteria by filling all the fields and saving the data:


In order to work, all fields must be populated. Version 1.0.1 requires information for all the fields in order to work

The value of the fields must be entered as a single value or a comma separated list as shown below:

Projects: TP


Projects: TP,SP

This is the only supported format in this version (v1.0.1)